I love the topic Daddy picked for today. The day He collared me. Everytime I think about it, I smile. Most times, I reach up and touch my collar also.

It was a very important day for both of us. It’s something that neither of us take lightly. We’d talked about it once before it had actually happened, but Daddy had dropped it. I couldn’t figure out why, however I dropped it too. It was something I would think about often but not bring up.

Then it was brought up again and I was so happy. I asked him why He’d dropped it the time before and He said He wanted to make sure I was ready. In talking to Him, I realized I wasn’t ready the first time.

We discussed what a collar meant to us. That it was more than just a plaything. It was a symbol of so very much……commitment, love, trust, ownership, respect. I told Him that to me it was more important than a wedding band and explained my reasons. I was so happy we were discussing it. Then He sent me two pics of some day collars and told me to chose one and I realized it was truly happening. The joy I felt was amazing.

We had to wait for it to get here. I remember the day it arrived. I was like a kid in a candy store, I was so excited, lol. We couldn’t meet right away so I took a pic of it in my hand and sent it to Him. He asked if I tried it on and I told Him no, He’d be the one to put it around my neck, I’d wait……and let me tell you the waiting, it was torture, lol.

I remember the date we finally got together so He could collar me, 2/9/16. I’ll never forget that date. I made sure I looked really nice. I was so excited I actually had to redo my makeup because I messed it up the first time,lol. As I got into the car to leave I took a pic of myself and thought this will be the last pic of me uncollared.

By the time I got there I was excited and nervous, lol.  The nerves went away the moment I saw Him. I remember how it felt to kneel in front of Him, the way the collar felt as He put it around my neck for the first time. I was worried I’d cry, but I didn’t. I felt this intense joy and peace. All I could think about was I was His, truly His. I’d found my home, my forever Daddy. Everything just clicked into place. I’d found my purpose.

That day was unbelievable. I left that room feeling loved and owned. Heart, body, and soul I was His. I am His. I wear the proof of that around my neck and I wear it with pride and love. 


One thought on “Collaring……

  1. i have a “day” collar. It’s actually a VERY heavy bracelet. i get many compliments on it. i wear it on my left wrist. When i look at it, it’s a reminder of Daddy’s love for me. i’m so happy for you!!!

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