Wanting to please Daddy….

Wanting to please Daddy…..

It’s something that’s on my mind constantly. He’s given me and continues to give me so much and it’s extremely important to me that He’s happy and I please Him.

I feel good about myself when I do. When He asks me to do something , I do my very best hoping that I’ll hear a good girl from Him. I’ve never wanted to please someone like this before. I mean I like to make people happy, always have, but never to this extent.

It upsets me greatly when I feel I haven’t pleased Him. I dwell on it. Beat myself up about it. The bad thing is when I feel I can’t do something He’s asked of me. I feel awful. I’m worried about how to explain it to Him. Worried that in some way I’m being selfish. It eats at me. Makes me feel like I’ve failed Him in some way.

It’s a battle that I’ve had within myself more than I care to admit. If He asks me to do something that would cause me emotional pain, do I do it to please Him, ignoring how it would make me feel? Or do I tell Him how I feel and respectfully say I don’t think I can do it? My need to please Him makes me want to override the feelings of pain, but sometimes I can’t. Then I feel guilty about it.

I just know I want, no need, to please Him. I think about things I can do to make Him happy. When I do make Him happy, it in turn makes me happy. I want Him to be happy with me and proud of me. As happy and proud as I am with Him.



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