My fantasy….

Daddy wants me to write about a fantasy I had. I’ve never wrote one that just anybody can read so I’m a little nervous, lol.

OK, I’ve been trying to write it and I’m having problems so I’m going to pretend that I’m telling it to my Daddy, lol.

This one starts where I’m already laying on the bed. You’ve already used Your mouth and fingers on me and I’ve squirted. You tell me to lay down so that my head is hanging over the edge of the bed. Of course I get into position quickly because I know what’s coming next and You know how much I love You in my mouth. I open up wide and slowly the head of Your cock passes my lips. I moan because You always taste so good to me.

Slowly You keep going, inch by inch filling my mouth. Fuck it feels so good. You get to the back of my throat where You feel that resistance and push Your way through. You feel my throat close around the head of Your cock tightly.  I grab Your ass trying to pull You even deeper, knowing how much You love that. You hold Yourself there until I start to struggle too much and then pull back to give me some air. You start to face fuck me, gently at first. I hear You tell me to play with Daddy’s pussy babygirl. I’m hesitant at first and You know why, but I quickly listen.

I feel how wet I am and slippery and I moan because it feels so good. You tell me to keep playing with myself and don’t stop, to be a good girl, because You’re getting ready to face fuck me hard. You start picking up speed and I start rubbing my clit faster.  Then I feel the bed move as You lean down and put Your hands on the bed, face fucking me hard and rough. I have tears streaming out of my eyes and I’m gagging, trying to breathe.  You pull back for a second and let me catch my breath.

Then You tell me to hold on because You’re not going to stop this time, You need to cum. You start slowly at first, quickly picking up speed.  You tell me to start rubbing Your clit quicker that You want to see Your babygirl cum. Of course I listen to You. You’re getting faster, harder, rougher, and I’m finding it harder to breathe. I feel myself getting ready to cum and You, knowing my body like You do, can tell. I hear You say cum for Daddy and I start squirting everywhere. You move Your   hands from the bed to my head and You hold my head still as I feel You getting harder in my mouth. I know what’s getting ready to happen and I can’t wait to taste my Daddy’s cum. I hear You moan as You push deep into my throat and feel the pulsing of Your cock as You cum. You empty Yourself down my throat and then pull out. You kiss my forehead and tell me that You’re very proud of me and what a good girl I am and that You love me.

I hope you like my fantasy Daddy



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