The gift of Dominance….

This is something  I came across that I love and also made me think……



Everyone talks about the gift of the submissive. But what about the gift of the Dominant.

The gift of a true Dominant is accepting you for who you are, but still seeing you for what you could be. He gives purpose beyond your present. He offers a safe place to express your doubts and fears without worry of judgment. He offers peace and love, guidance and discipline. He loans His strength and courage when yours fails you.


You always hear about our gift of submission, very seldom about the gift of Dominance. Which surprises me, because  without one the other wouldn’t exist. They are two halves of a whole.

My Daddy is the greatest gift I’ve been blessed with besides my children. I still wonder what He saw in me when we first met that made Him stick around. I was such a complete mess. That He didn’t run screaming in the other direction still shocks me, lol.

I think when He first met me He saw what I could be. He’s never been blind to my faults, in fact He helped me to see some of them. But He instinctively knew what needed to be done to fix them and then went about helping me do just that. Some  of them were very hard for me to change. Some I still struggle with. However, he’s been patient with me.

He’s loaned me His strength and wisdom. Especially when my demons were screaming in my ear. He quieted them, soothed my soul. He’s the only person that’s ever been able to do that. Through it all He’s never judged me. My past isn’t the greatest but He’s always said the past is the past and to move on.

He’s also helps me calm down. I overthink and worry about everything. I can spin out of control easier than I’d like to admit. He grounds me, balances me. Brings me back to where I belong.

He has  a great sense of humor. He’s gifted with with laughter, and too many smiles to count, lol.

He’s gifted me His heart. I cherish that in ways He’ll never know.  His heart is one of the most precious things I’ve ever been given.

He’s always accepted me. That in itself is an amazing gift. Add the other things in and it shows what a truly amazing man and Daddy He is.

I’m so blessed that He’s chosen me as His forever babygirl. I’m so blessed He’s given me the gift of His dominance. I’m so blessed to be His.



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