Daddy’s topic for this blog is how He trained me without me even knowing it, lol.  Which is exactly how it happened. I literally had no idea He was doing it.

Daddy and I have always been kind of lax on protocol. Don’t get me wrong, I do have to address Him in a certain way and follow His rules but other than that, we’re playful and very easy going.  Now with that being said, He still somehow managed to train me.  I’d tell you how but I have no idea how He does it, lol.

In the very beginning I had a lot of issues and needed a lot of work. He knew that with me instead of telling me what He wanted me to do, He would have to teach me what He wanted me to do. I’d learn it better that way.

I was pretty stubborn when we first met but I was no match for Him, lol.  He is literally one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever met which is a really good thing with me, lol.

In training me He taught me the reasons behind why He tells me to do things.  That helps me understand Him more and want to please Him even more.  He’s trained me so that the things that He wants from me have become a part of me and now it’s just second nature.

We often joke about how well He trained me and I didn’t have a clue it was happening until afterwards,lol. Case in point… when I step out of line. I can be a bratty baby girl and sometimes  I will cross the line without realizing it.  All He has to do is say two words “Excuse me” and I am back-tracking so quick it’s not even funny. He trained me to do that and I didn’t even realize it, lol.

Oh and He’s been training me to have an orgasm on demand. Apparently He’s been doing it and I didn’t realize it until very recently when He said a certain command over the phone and yeah…. that’s all she wrote, lol. His training can be really really fun 😉

I have noticed that even though He was training me to be the babygirl He wanted,  He was also training me to be the best person I can be. I’m really happy with who I’m becoming.

I still sometimes wonder how He knew how to train me and to do it so well,lol. He’ll say or do something and I’ll automatically respond a certain way. I’ll think out loud “where did that come from?” and He’ll chuckle and say He’s been training me to do that for so and so amount of time, lol.

He really is the perfect Daddy for me. He instinctively knows how to handle me, has from the very beginning.  I actually love knowing that He trained me to be His forever babygirl.  Forever babygirl…… I smile everytime I see that. ☺



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